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Latest Blockbusters  
1. Llandaff Hope and Glory
2. The Hurt Loughor
3. Dances With Wool
4. Taff Gordon
5. Chippy Alley McBeal


Apocalypse Now In A Minute...
What started as a joke, became a website that became a legend... Well, we like to think so. Taffywood.com began in 2008 from a game played among friends for many years.

Since its online launch we've established a cult following of devoteees whose ridiculous or groan-inducing Welshified film titles are listed here alongside our own for your amusement. If you have a classic, please 'Suggest!' it. Enjoy!
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Cinema comes to Wales
'The pictures', as it's now known, arrived in Wales in 1987, just after electricity and shortly before teatime one Friday. At first, coal rather than popcorn was the treat of choice for those attending, and people and sheep turned out in their tens. It's true to say, Wales would never be the same again.

Chepstow School competition

Taffywood in Wales On Sunday
On 24/25 August 2011 #welshfilms trended worldwide on Twitter. As a result, Wales On Sunday ran this story with images from our gallery.

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See The Dai Vinci Coed
Witness the extraordinary and mind-blowing truth that the Church of Wales tried to keep secret. Adapted from the international bestseller by Dai Brown, this trailer has it all: the Last Supper, the Holy Grail, an eisteddfodd and Rhoose airport. WATCH NOW

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